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Leading Technology

World Travel Holdings’ has invested more than $100 million into an award-winning, proprietary and integrated agent and consumer platform that services close to 500,000 customers a month. Your customers will find our cruise booking solution easy to use and informative, resulting in increased bookings.

exclusive technology platform

The exclusive World Travel Holdings' technology platform is more than just a booking engine. In addition to creating a seamless web experience for your customers 24/7, it provides:


Custom-designed and developed systems that allow partners to market and sell vacations under their brand with the ability to support multiple brands.

Higher Online Booking Percentage

The ability to drive consumers deep into the booking path, resulting in a higher online booking percentage.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional offline transactional capability and customer service support. Support for multiple online travel agencies with successive years of growth in cruise business.

Robust Merchandising Capabilities

Extensive Reporting

Extensive reporting through IBM Cognos and transactional feeds.

Targeted Marketing

A database for customer profiling allowing for targeted marketing and strategic advertising.

Innovative Customer Review Platform

simply unmatched

World Travel Holdings continues to invest in the latest technologies to support our marketing services, customer care operations and global capabilities. Coupled with our extreme focus on the consumer experience, our solution simply cannot be matched by anyone else.